Strive (feat. Jose Maria Fierro)


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With a blend of African House beats combined with soulful music and funky guitars this track combines artists from around the world with their diverse backgrounds and talents. Enjoy the groove and the positivity!


Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen,
feel the bass, feel the groove,
feel the vibe, let your heart beat to rhythm of our music.

strive ye with all your heart
as long as we band together we can never be apart
we can start the spark that lifts the world out of the dark
and we can turn the world into a beautiful new piece of art
we can rise up, cuz now is our turn
we do what we can, and we let our heart burn
with loving kindness and then through this we learn
the world’s better off if we strive and we yearn so
strive for excellence, work for greatness
if the world is broken only we can take this
if we spin it, in a minute we can learn the patience
that it takes to bring this world to great elation

From amongst all mankind
hath He chosen you
your eyes have been opened
to the light of guidance

Strive ye with all your hearts,
raise up your voices and shout,
until this dark world
be filled with light.

your ears attuned to the music
of the Company above
your hearts and souls have been born into new life
Thank ye and praise ye God

Strive ye with all your hearts,
raise up your voices and shout,
until this dark world
be filled with light.

lo cambiaremos, sera nuestro mundo
lo lograremos, si trabajamos juntos
tendramos poder pa cambiar el asunto
y todo lo ques malo se ira en segundos
sin duda, la ayuda no va venir sinqueagamos esfuerzo
entonces escucha, ayuda en la lucha
a cambiar el mundo ya empezo el comienzo
we just started and now we’re gonna finish
driven by a faith that is proving unremitting
we’re going to the top and we’re testing out our limits
if you feel me too, then rise up sing it say
aaaye oooh aaaaye oooh


released January 1, 2014
Music by Rahá Poostchi
Lyrics from the Holy Writings of the Bahá'í Faith
Rap by Jose Maria Fierro

Arranged & Produced by Rahá Poostchi
Co-Produced by Karim "ice" Bousbia

Mixed & Mastered by Karim "ice" Bousbia



all rights reserved



BASS ADJUSTMENT is an international musical project initiated by musician/songwriter/composer/producer Rahá Poostchi. Their debut album "The Style Is To Be Changed" was released in 2013. In 2014 they released a single called "Strive". Musical styles are Deep House, Worldbeat, Funk, RnB, Dance with influences from Oriental, Latin and African music, all expressing the principle of Unity in Diversity ... more

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